Business Analyst

Job Description

  • People who have degree in Maths, Engineering, Statistics etc.

  • People who have minimum 5 year experience as an Analyst and in software engineering.

  • People who are experienced in sofware engineering process whom can lead project management

  • People who can create diagrams/deeds whom can use Use-case, UML etc.

  • People who are familiar with using TFS,JIRA etc for process management

  • People who are familiar with Scrum,Waterfall etc. for project management

  • People who has organizational skills and job tracking

  • People who are organized and neat with documentations

  • People who are analytical, problem solving, good with communicational skills and are coherent with teamwork.

  • People who are responsible and adaptive to development.


  • Analyzing and project management in software projects to be carried out within the company,

  • Performing preliminary analysis by working one-to-one with the business unit according to the needs, infrastructure and business unit in software requests from business units, which are the internal customers of the IT team

  • Taking actions to improve new business applications and software development processes by following technological and financial developments,

  • Ensuring coordination to meet business demands and to meet functional requirements by working in coordination with software development teams throughout the software development process

  • To make software screen designs, to prepare function analysis and design documentation,

  • To carry out the tests of the developed software before the business unit, to follow the end user tests with the business unit, to ensure the completion of the development by sharing the test results with the software teams,

  • To follow up all kinds of stages regarding risks and changes related to the project and to carry out relevant reporting and information,

  • Informing the teams in need about system and process changes, preparing user manuals and training documents when needed, and providing training.

  • To be responsible for the solution of software and / or usage problems that may arise, to ensure that the applications are in operational status

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