Content Creator

We are in search of a Content Creator that can write articles with different content needed in projects in an SEO-compatible manner in the pre-planned time interval.

  • Able to produce original and creative content on different subjects without repeating content,

  • Will be able to write digital platform articles on the subject using SEO compatible, appropriate keywords,

  • Be able to adapt to flexible working hours by taking original content production seriously,

  • Be able to use Turkish with a fluent style and adhering to grammar rules,

  • Will be able to produce content with the same originality and speed on every subject, regardless of subject, upon request,

  • By following the competitors and the sector, they will be able to make suggestions on taking necessary actions

  • At least 1 year of experience,

  • Good command of Turkish grammar and spelling,

  • Experienced in producing original content,

  • Mastering SEO compatible content production techniques and rules,

  • Producing content compatible with Wordpress, Yoast, Ahrefs and Semrush,

  • Able to work regularly and consistently,

  • Likes to read, research, improve themself, produce and share content,

  • By following the trends, applying trends in line with the profession,

  • Responsible

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