Customer Representative

Customer Representative 

  • Preferable people who have graduated from similar arts.

  • People who are keen to Finance, Crypto Currency and digital technology,

  • People who are up to date with stock market,

  • People who have verbal and written communication skills, whom have mentality to provide customer satisfaction

  • People who can adjust to shifts and whom are capable of adjusting to busy working schedules.

  • People who are harmonius with coworkers and teams.

  • People who are fluent with computer and keyboard use, specifically with Office programs and Excel

  • People that have analitical skills and prone to solving problems

  • To meet customers demands,

  • To provide insight and conclusion to customers complaints and being able to cooperate with units in order to provide solution.

  • To provide help with a representable and ethical manner via live chat, telephone call and email in order to provide solution for customers needs.

  • To be able to present the platform if asked/needed.

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