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KVKK and Clarification Text

As Bitci Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi (shall be referred to as BİTCİ hereinafter), we would like to inform you on how your Personal Data is Processed and Transmitted.

Bitci gives priority to processing personal data of natural persons including our users, visitors, suppliers, and employees in compliance with the applicable legislation, particularly with the Constitution of Republic of Turkey, International Conventions on human rights that were ratified by our country, and Law 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (PPD Law), and ensuring that data subjects can exercise their rights effectively.

Therefore, we process, store, transmit all personal data of natural persons, including but not limited to our employees, suppliers, clients, visitors, members, and users visiting our website in line with Bitci Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy.

Bitci attaches importance to securing and processing personal data that are provided with the explicit consent of individuals associated with our company, including our clients, users, and employees and are under our responsibility, in compliance with the with the applicable legislation, particularly with the Constitution of Republic of Turkey, International Conventions on human rights that were ratified by our country, and Law 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (PPD Law).

“Processing your Personal Data” refers to any procedure related to personal data such as obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, modifying, rearranging, disclosing, transmitting, taking over, classifying these data or making them retrievable or unusable.

The purpose of processing your personal data;

Your personal data will be processed

Lawfully and fairly,

Relevant, limited and proportionate to processing purposes,

Accurately and up-to-date

For specific, explicit and legitimate purposes .

Purpose of and Legal Grounds for Processing Personal Data.

Your personal data will be processed lawfully and fairly for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and relevant, limited and proportionate to processing purposes. Your personal data will be processed to issue invoices against the goods and services you purchase under the Taxation Law, provide information on advertisement and promotion campaigns with electronic messages under the e-Commerce Law, and furthermore, your personal data may be collected verbally, in writing or electronically by the Company’s operating units, website, call center, telephone calls, SMS records, e-mail accounts, social media channels, mobile applications etc., and they will be up-dated and processed as long as you continue to benefit from offered products and services and/or for due legal periods.

Collecting your Personal Data:

Bitci may process your personal data for its legitimate interests, in order to fulfill its legal and administrative obligations, to execute and perform agreements you will enter with our company, to use in the products and services you purchased/will purchase from our company, to communicate related to the product and service you purchased/will purchase, to offer an effective user service, to use in marketing activities (if we have your consent), to offer products/services, to carry out modeling works, to generate reports, to perform risk monitoring, to collect intelligence, to carry out existing or new product activities, to identify new users, to maintain legal and commercial security of individuals, who have a business relationship with the Company, to identify and implement commercial and business strategies of the Company, to maintain and develop coordination, cooperation and efficiency at and among the units of our Company, to settle present and future legal disputes, to respond to demands and inquiries of our users, to maintain security of the website, other electronic systems and physical settings of our Company, to notify amendments in the applicable legislation or rules and policies of our Company, to serve other relevant notifications to you and to perform our operations, and to investigate, identify, prevent breach of contract and laws, and to notify such breaches to the competent administrative or judicial authorities in line with personal data processing conditions and purposes under
Law 6698 on Protection of Personal Data

Article 5

a. If there is explicit consent of the data subject
b. if it is explicitly permitted by the law;
c. If it is necessary in order to protect the life or physical integrity of the data subject or another person where the data subject is physically or legally incapable of giving consent;
d. If it is necessary to process personal data of parties to a contract, provided that it is directly related to the execution or performance of a contract that you approved and/or signed with the Company,
e. If it is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation which the Company is subject to;
f. If the relevant information is revealed to the public by you;
g. If it is necessary for the institution, usage, or protection of a right;
h. If it is necessary for the legitimate interests of the Company, provided that your fundamental rights and freedoms not harmed.

Article 6

a. If there is explicit consent of the data subject
b. If there are conditions set forth in the laws

Transmitting Personal Data

Your Personal Data may be transmitted to the competent administrative and public authorities in order to meet legal requirements, and to domestic and foreign business partners and third party service providers, in order to carry our operations of our company within legal limits.

Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data is collected through all agreements/information forms and other documents approved and/or signed by you, notifications you will make with your electronic approval and/or signature in order to keep accounting records, create a shopping history and offer a service in line with your demands as a client of the store, as well as through our General Directorate, physical settings, call centers, websites, mobile applications, online transactions, social media and other public channels, user interviews, screening of judicial records, market intelligence, ID Sharing System, SMS channels, digital applications filed with websites, our mobile applications, written/digital applications filed with sales teams, companies providing call center services, using verbal, written, visual, audio recording or electronic channels to communicate with you now or in the future; and this data collection is collected by a system, which is partially or completely automatic, or as a part of a data recording system, and such personal data is retained for due period under the applicable legislation.

Pursuant to Article 11 of PPD Law, you are entitled to lodge an application with us and

a. To learn whether any personal data related to you is processed,
b. If your personal data is processed, to claim information on such processing,
c. To learn the processing purpose of the personal data and whether it is used for the original purpose of collecting such personal data,
d. To learn the identity of third parties to whom personal data is transferred in or out of the country,
e. To request correction of any personal data which is processed incompletely or inaccurately,
f. To request deletion or destruction of personal data under conditions specified in Article 7,
g. To request notification of the transactions made under items (d) and (e) to third parties who received personal data,
h. To file an objection against an outcome which is against your interest, as a result of analysis of the processed data exclusively with automated systems,
i. To claim compensation of any damages you suffer as a result of unlawful processing of the personal data.

In order to exercise your rights

Complaints to be filed by Data Subjects, whose Personal Data is processed by Bitci, must be in Turkish, and you must write your name, surname, National Identification Number, residential address or workplace address, which will be used for serving notifications, and e- mail address to be used for notifications, and supplementary information and documents related to your request must also be added to your application. If your application is made in writing, you are legally required to undersign it. Bitci Personal Data Protection Committee will respond and conclude such applications in maximum 30 days. Data Subject may send his/her requests or complaints to destek@bitci.com from his/her registered e-mail account by using secure e-signature, and such requests or complaints may be sent personally or by proxy, provided that a notarized power of attorney is submitted, or through a notary public, and Bitci Personal Data Protection Committee will carry authentication of the data subject.

As a rule, your complaints will be responded free of charge. However, in the event responding to your application has a cost, our Company may charge a fee according to the tariff set under the PDP Law or by other competent authorities.


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