Know-Your-Customer Policy

As Bitci, we attach great importance to providing the best customer service, and account security is also very important for us. In order to prevent any identity theft or fraud, we strictly apply our Know-Your-Customer Policy.

In this context, we have a quick and simple procedure that our customers should complete before starting trading after opening a trading account. This procedure ensures the safety and security of all transaction accounts.

The aim of know-your-customer policy is to minimize risks by assessing customers, transactions, and services of Bitci Teknoloji ve Bilişim A.Ş based on a risk-based approach; to raise awareness of the employees on prevention of crime and financing of terrorism, and informing the customers that the Company carries out its operations in compliance with the applicable legislation, particularly with Law No 5549 on the Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime, and Law No. 6415 on Prevention of Financing of Terrorism.

For the purpose of this Know-Your-Customer Policy, customers who are subject to this policy to avoid any damage to Company operations, refer to natural persons who are registered with the platform accessed at (“Platform”), uses the services on the Platform and accepts the provisions of the Know-Your-Customer Policy, by accessing the Platform and using the services.


Under this Know-Your-Customer Policy, Bitci adopts following measures in compliance with the applicable legislation and other internal policies.

• Authentication of customer identity
• Taking o identify the beneficiary of the customer transactions
• Obtaining satisfactory information about the purpose and nature of the transaction that the customer wants to do
• Monitoring the customer and his/her transactions and comparing with the customer profile
• Monitoring high-risk customers, transactions and other customers that need particular attention

Under this Know-Your-Customer Policy, the customer identity is verified before a service relationship is established between the customer and the company, or the customer makes any transaction. When establishing a relationship between the customer and the Company, information will be obtained on the purpose of the customer registering with the Platform owned by the Company and the purpose of transactions that the customer intends to do on the Platform.

Bitci follows a policy in accordance with the provisions of the Anti Money Laundering Law 4208

2. Documents that customers are required to provide when registering as a member

Natural person users:
• A copy of the identification card containing the national identification number and photograph
• Selfie photo with a blank sheet of paper with the Name and Surname - Date of the Day - and a clear face on the paper
• Phone number
• E-mail address

3. Authentication procedure is followed

• When establishing a service relationship, notwithstanding the relevant amount
• When the total amount of a single or multiple and connected cryptocurrency trading transaction is TL 100,000.00 or more;
• When the total amount of a single or multiple and connected cryptocurrency swap transaction is TL 100,000.00 or more;
• When there is any situation requiring reporting suspicious transaction under the applicable legislation, notwithstanding the relevant amount
• When there is any suspicion of the accuracy and sufficiency of identity details obtained beforehand, notwithstanding the relevant amount.

When the customer wants to make a transaction on the Platform for the benefit of a third party; authentication is carried out both for the customer requesting the transaction, and the third party, for whose benefit the transaction is going to be made.

When the customer declares that he/she is acting on his/her behalf but it is suspected that he/she is acting on behalf of a third party, the Company takes all measures to determine the identity of the actual beneficiary.

Under the applicable legislation, Bitci shall retain documents on the Platform and in other formats for eight years after such documents are issued, and information on authentication for eight years after the date of last transaction, and shall make such documents and information available to competent authorities, when requested.

Furthermore, no service relationship will be created with customers who want to open a user account with an alias or a fake name, customers that are included in the lists published by the international institutions and organizations (OFAC, EU, UN, HMT, etc.) related to laundering proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism, customers that violate terms and conditions of EU Directive No 1, the Basel Principles, the Vienna Convention, the Strasbourg Convention, the Palermo Convention, the Wolfsberg Principles, the European Union Directive No 2, Egmont Group, the FATF, the European Union Directive No 3, customers that cannot be authenticated or does not provide sufficient information on the purpose of the service relationship, and has a negative record in the Company’s internal system related to money laundering, financing of terrorism and associated financial crimes (fraud, imitation, organized crime, etc.), and customers engaged in illegal betting, gambling.

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