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All your OTC transactions on Bitci.com!

You can carry out all of your OTC transactions in Bitci cryptocurrency stock market.

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Günün her saati ulaşabileceğiniz destek sistemimiz sayesinde istediğiniz zaman sorularınıza yanıt bulabileceksiniz.


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Oluşturacağımız Ticari Raporlama ile birlikte daha fazla kazanç elde edebileceksiniz.


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Müşterilerimiz için oluşturduğumuz piyasa analizleri, daha emin adımlarla ilerlemenizi sağlayacak.

What is Bitci OTC Service ?

You can carry out all of your OTC transactions in Bitci cryptocurrency stock market.

Our mission is to provide services to both individuals and organizations with the understanding of high-quality service, high liquidity and user-specific service. For Bitcoin and Alt Coin buying/selling transactions worth over TL 500.000, Bitci emphasizes safety with the OTC service and offers you solutions with a competitive service understanding.

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To buy/sell cryptocurrencies for higher sums, register with Bitci.com first, have your account approved and then start the transaction by submitting your OTC membership request to otc@bitci.com. In order to carry out higher-volume transactions and to become a Bitci OTC Service customer, you first have to be approved by the registration unit of Bitci’s Otc Service with high-level verification. Everyone who wishes to become an OTC customer must submit documents proving their identity, address and income.

Contact Us

After completing your registration and filing an application by mail to otc@bitci.com, Our OTC team will contact you and direct you to our live communication channel. (Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord, and Live Phone support)

Transaction confirmation

If you request a quote for buying or selling via Bitci OTC service’s Live communication channels, then you will instantly be informed about the prices. You will have 30 seconds to approve the quoted price quoted to you by Bitci OTC. If you fail to approve the quoted price in 30 seconds, then you will have to request another quote. If you approve the price, then the transaction to buy/sell at the quoted price will be completed.

Completing a transaction

After completing a buying/selling transaction in Bitci OTC Service, the related amounts will be transferred to your coin or TRY accounts in Bitci.com and you will be informed by mail.

OTC Service Terms

Kripto paraları hızlı ve güvenli bir şekilde alıp satmaya hemen başla!

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