User Agreement

1. Parties

Hereby, it is verified that BİTCİ user agreement ("Agreement") has been arranged to be valid so as to execute the Implementation that BİTCİ Technology incorporated company ("BİTCİ") and any mediums, application, and platform ("Platform") developed, published, or operated by BİTCİ such as the website www.BİTCİ.com, BİTCİ mobile application between the user ("user" or "you") who makes the use of the content, products, and services ("Services") as a member or without being a member if possible, according to the features of the relevant platform, the actions or transactions listed in this article.

Rights and Obligations

2.1. It is confirmed that BİTCİ Technology joint Incorporated Company is the owner of all services, domain names, software codes, interfaces, contents, product reviews, videos, algorithms, drawings, models, designs, and all other intellectual property rights (excluding content and applications provided by third parties), The software, design, and copyrights of the services provided completely belong to BITCI. The services and services are not allowed to be copied, duplicated, and disseminated, as well as reverse engineering of the pages linked to it. The software, design, and copyrights of the services provided entirely belong to BITCI. The services are not allowed at all to be copied, duplicated, and disseminated, as well as reverse engineering of the pages linked to it.

2.2. The User cannot transfer its account, obligations, and rights to third parties, sell it, or allow anyone else to use its own membership under what so ever name. In this case, BİTCİ has the right to call off or suspend the user's account. Owing to the use of these rights by BITCI, the user admits that he irrevocably abides by the terms and rules of BITCI. The user is accountable for all damages that take place within the domain of this article, and all penal sanctions belong to the user.

2.3. The user makes the declaration that the user comprehends and admits this User Agreement by accessing the website or downloading applications pertaining to BİTCİ from any platform or by logging into the platform or after filling out the registration form given on the membership page of BİTCİ. Membership can be carried out with the electronic approval of the company. The user admits that he/she will upload up-to-date and correct identity information, his / her photo, and other contact information to the system during the registration to the websites, applications, or any platform published by BITCI, and in case of any alteration in this information, he/she will notify BITCI of the change swiftly. The use of the services is subject to the approval of this agreement. The user is accountable for the accuracy and confidentiality of the information provided while signing up for the platform, in addition to the protection of the password and username, and not sharing it with other people. In the event that this information is attained by third parties or the services are used in an unauthorized manner, all transactions made by the user until the notification is sent to BITCI via e-mail will be deemed to have been made by the user, BITCI does not accept any responsibility in this case. All ownership and possession rights with regard to user accounts belong to BITCI.

2.4. BİTCİ is not at all accountable for the delay of the user's access, purchase, or other transaction times concerning BİTCİ products, services, or contents. It is mandatory for the user to make transactions on BİTCİ platforms from the bank account registered in the user's name. The rules for purchasing, selling, and using BİTCİ products and services are published on the platforms and are the core of the warnings and rules on other pages. BİTCİ unilaterally has the right to alter the rules for the access, buy, sale, and use of its products or services. BİTCİ or its managers or employees and the people who prepare the information on this platform will not bear any legal or criminal liability for any damages, responsibilities, and/or losses that may occur as a consequence of the user's error.

2.5. Users are able to carry out only transactions on the platform for legal and regulatory purposes. The user accepts in advance that he/she will be responsible for all legal and criminal liability that will occur in the event that the users are noticed that they act in contrary to the law and the legislation.

2.6. The terms of membership to the platform or the terms of use on the platforms where BITCI's products, services, or contents are located might differ depending on the transaction limit, the service used, or other conditions. In spite of the request, if the identity and address information of the user is not documented or the other information or documents requested by BITCI, if any, are not submitted on time, or in the sole discretion of BITCI, in the presence of justifiable reasons, BITCI will not let any transactions to be made on the user's account. user-documented identity and address information, the system is claimed for the execution in accordance with the Republic of Turkey laws and regulations, users upon the authorities request, accept this information and will be shared with documents relevant authorities. BİTCİ undertakes to share the identity, address, information, and documents of the user with real and/or legal persons only in accordance with the BİTCİ Privacy Policy.

2.7. BİTCİ reserves the right to suspend user's membership, the rules surrounding the use of BİTCİ products or services or, if possible, their purchase and sale, or the services at any time for any reason. In this case, BİTCİ may notify the user of this change through the platforms. Transactions regarding the use of BİTCİ products, services or sites must be made from the accounts registered under the same name as the User, credit card or other payment means.

In the case that any risk related to the transactions is detected, BITCI has the right to call off the transactions in question, with all expenses at the user. BİTCİ cannot be held accountable for delays or transactions caused by the Bank, the user or other third parties. BİTCİ reserves the right to demand identification or other information/document from the relevant user regarding transactions that it refuses to deem risky and does not perform.

2.8. Support for the services is provided via the e-mail address destek@BİTCİ.com. BİTCİ does not provide support services to its users with a method other than this e-mail address, does not ask for a password in support correspondence, does not provide a cryptocurrency address from its users to send cryptocurrency. This issue is in the nature of notification and BITCI cannot be held accountable for any damages or losses that its users have suffered or may suffer due to an e-mail sent from an address other than the aforementioned e-mail address. Users must provide the security of their own accounts.

Users can benefit from the services through the platform. As BİTCİ does not determine the prices on the platform, BİTCİ cannot be held accountable for the loss of the users owing to the changes in the prices and for the damages that occur or will arise. BİTCİ does not get involved in investment consultancy activities, nor does it impart any trading advice on the platforms. BİTCİ cannot be held responsible in any way for the purchases and sales transactions made by the user on a purchase and sale platform other than BİTCİ and for the damages taking place or to be caused by these transactions.

2.9. There are solid risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. The user has the necessary experience and knowledge to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies; It admits that the price of financial assets subject to fluctuation and cryptocurrencies follow a highly volatile course, and from this point of view, users have the ability to evaluate both legal and financial returns and risks. For this reason, the user cannot hold BİTCİ, any manager, employee, consultant, or affiliates liable for any adverse event that may come into being or for any losses or damages arising from or as a result of the services offered or transactions made under this agreement. Users declare and accept that they understand the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies with the acceptance and approval of this contract. Users themselves are responsible for profits and losses from price changes. In the event that users suffer a loss or damage, they cannot claim any rights from BITCI.

2.10. The User notifies that the transactions made through the platforms do not directly or indirectly constitute any illegal or criminal activity.

Although it accepts that it is not connected, it is not technically possible to monitor the content, product or service accessed through BİTCİ or, if possible, the way they are used, where and for what purpose they are transferred, whether they are used in a crime or not. BİTCİ cannot be held liable for the damages and losses, negative or positive damages of the user or third parties arising from the misuse of cryptocurrencies. Users are personally responsible for legal responsibilities, all expenses, and tax liabilities regarding the use of BİTCİ products, services, sites, or contents. BİTCİ cannot be held responsible for the expenses and tax liabilities of users resulting from their gains and losses.

2.11. BİTCİ undertakes to act as a prudent trader to ensure the safety of the user who is a member of the platform. In this context, user-owned savings are stored in cold storage against a possible cyber attack. Despite the fulfillment of this commitment by BİTCİ, BİTCİ cannot be held accountable for any reason not caused by BİTCİ, including theft/fraud incidents that might occur if the account is seized by unauthorized persons and the use of BİTCİ Services.

2.12 The platform serves only to people residing in the Republic of Turkey. Users must be over the age of 18. 18 years by the Republic of Turkey is determined according to the central population management system. The user declares and accepts that he/she is over 18 years old under this contract. BİTCİ has the right to terminate/suspend user accounts whose owner is found out to be under the age of 18 or suspects being used by people under the age of 18 without notice. The user who undertakes that he is over the age of 18 is officially responsible for the accuracy of all the information he reports. BİTCİ relies on this statement in all transactions related to the user and acts accordingly.

2.13. Each user can have only one user account. The user can only use the platform to benefit from the services defined in this agreement. BİTCİ has the right to terminate/suspend the relevant user accounts without notice, in case there is more than one user account used by the same person.

2.14. BİTCİ may cancel or withdraw the transactions made by the user for security reasons or legally required, or in order to correct the system and ensure the correct operation of the system. During revocation, these user accounts can be frozen. BİTCİ cannot be held responsible for such transactions and no rights can be claimed from BİTCİ.

2.15 Users will not be responsibşe for any damages that may occur from the unauthorized use, sharing, or publication of their shares on the platforms by third parties; threatening, immoral, racist laws of the Republic of Turkey, any incidents contrary to international agreements, including political messages would violate the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties in photo quality, not to use a pseudonym or content; not to send messages or comments; User names, photos, correspondence, subject titles and nicknames to be added to the platforms must comply with general ethics, etiquette, and legal rules; not contain political messages; and the Law no.5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works, including the rights of publishing, processing and reproducing, disseminating, representation, sign, sound and/or image transfer to the public, transfer, and assignment to third parties regarding the said phrases, correspondence, and photographs. All financial rights listed in are transferred to BITCI; Not to act in a way that would adversely impact the use of the platforms by other Users and that BITCI or the Club or the relevant User shall be solely responsible for all damages incurred as a result of such abuse and that BITCI or the Club has the right to shut or suspend the account of this participant in the relevant service; not to publish, reproduce or distribute any material or information that is defamatory, immoral, indecent or unlawful on the names of individuals or institutions; not to advertise, sell or offer to sell any goods or services, or engage in surveys, contests or chain letters; not to send information or programs harmful to the platforms, to the information or software on the computers of other Users; It acknowledges that any records or materials obtained using the services offered on the platform are entirely within the User's consent, and that the responsibility for any malfunctions, loss of information and other losses on its computer is entirely its own.

3. Pricing

3.1. Without prejudice to article 4.2 below, BITCI announces on the Platforms the fees, commissions related to the services provided under the platforms. BİTCİ has the right to change these fees and rates at any time without prior notice. Existing fees, commissions, and limits are an integral part of this agreement, and the changes will become effective as soon as they are announced on the platforms.

3.2. Usage of BİTCİ products, services, or content made through the platforms cannot be called off or refunded. Accordingly, the service fee and transaction fees collected by BİTCİ from the user cannot be refunded. The user declares and undertakes that he/she accepts the provisions of these articles in advance with the approval of this agreement. The user declares and undertakes that he/she irrevocably accepts BİTCİ owing to these transactions that he/she thinks to be made wrong.

4. Privacy Policy

4.1. In the event that this Agreement is accepted and approved by the user, BİTCİ may process user information in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which is prepared by Law No.6698 on the protection of personal data and constitutes an integral part of this agreement.

4.2. BİTCİ detects and records the IP addresses of the user, the device and model they access, operating systems, and browser information. By accepting the Privacy Policy attached to this Agreement, the user also accepts that he has given his explicit consent to BITCI in these matters. BİTCİ may use this information, as detailed in the privacy policy, to identify its users in general and to collect comprehensive demographic information, to ensure user and system security, combat fraud, and comply with legal obligations.

4.3. The information provided by the users will not be used in any scope other than the rules and purposes specified in the user agreement and will not be shared with third parties.

4.4. BİTCİ may provide links to other sites or applications within the platform. It may publish advertisements of third parties with whom it has an agreement and/or application forms for various services or may direct these third parties to sites or applications. BİTCİ was not responsible for the privacy practices and policies found in third party applications or sites that the user accessed in this way and the content they host.

4.5. BİTCİ will be able to disclose the information of users to third parties by going beyond the provisions of this privacy statement in the cases listed below. These situations are: (i) In cases required by the current legislation, (ii) In cases related to the fulfillment of the requirements of the contracts between BİTCİ and its users and their implementation, (iii) An investigation conducted by the competent administrative and/or judicial authorities in accordance with the procedural method. (iv) In cases where it is necessary to provide information in order to protect the rights or security of users. BİTCİ accepts that it is an obligation to keep the confidential information given to it strictly private and confidential, and to ensure and maintain confidentiality, to prevent all or any part of confidential information from entering the public domain or disclosure to unauthorized users or a third party.

With this notification, it undertakes to take all precautions and to show all the care that falls on it.

5. Release of Liability

5.1. BİTCİ is not responsible for any content on the Platforms, including pricing and statistics. All data, analyzes, reports, statistics on the platform are processed and objectively presented by software that automatically processes the information without any editing or guidance. All kinds of news and reports presented by BİTCİ; It is for informative purposes only and does not have the feature of the direct solution, result, legal opinion, political and sociological research information, and its exact accuracy is not guaranteed. Data may be inconsistent or inconsistent with each other. BİTCİ does not assume any responsibility in such cases.

5.2. BİTCİ does not give any explicit or narrowly implied warranty, including the guarantees of merchantability, performance, marketability, or fitness for a particular purpose, regarding the results obtained by any person or organization through the user of the content provided by BİTCİ. All contents are presented to the user "as it is". BİTCİ cannot be held responsible for any loss of profit or any damages, including negative damages, that may arise from the use of the contents. In the content offered by BİTCİ, a reference to any person/institution/company/brand is not a recommendation that will affect the market value of these persons/institutions/companies/brands, their rankings in various criteria, brand values, or to buy, sell or retain their shares.

5.3 Platforms only ensure the infrastructure that enables access to, use of BITCI's products, services, or contents or their buying and selling transactions depending on their nature. BITCI does not guarantee the conclusion of the transactions or the execution of the orders entered on the Platform. Prices are determined entirely according to the supply-demand relationship of the trading parties for the relevant cryptocurrency. BITCI does not determine the prices on the site. BİTCİ cannot be held liable for any loss or loss caused by users due to changes in prices or failure of transactions.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement, or in disputes arising from platforms use, user agreement and the Republic of Turkey Law is to be implemented, the resolution of this dispute Istanbul Anatolian Court and is authorized exclusively to the Executive Office.

7. Contract Amendments and Evidence Contract

BİTCİ has the unilateral right to change and update all the terms and provisions in this legal notice without the need for prior notice. They accept that microfilm, microfiche, e-mail correspondence, and computer records will constitute valid, binding, conclusive, and exclusive evidence and that this article is an evidential contract within the meaning of Article 193 of the Code of Civil Procedure numbered 6100.

8. Enforcement and Acceptance

By entering any page of the BİTCİ website or using the BİTCİ mobile application or commencing to use the platform, you acknowledge, declare and undertake that you have read the entire User Agreement, understood its content in its entirety, and approved all of its provisions. Users who do not accept the terms of the User Agreement should not use the platform and the services provided on the Platforms. Otherwise, BİTCİ cannot be held responsible for any damages that have occurred or will arise.

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