What is Bitci OTC Service, How Can I Use It?

What is Bitci OTC Service, How Can I Use It?

What is it?

With OTC “Over The Counter”, you can receive individual or corporate service with a personalized service approach in your high-volume transactions. Bitci OTC service offers you solutions with a competitive service approach by putting security at the forefront in your Bitcoin and Alt Coin purchases and sales of 500.000 TL or more.

Many more features besides security and privacy;

One-to-One Service: Personalized service in all areas from consultancy, commercial reporting to market analysis. We will always be in touch to answer and assist all of your Questions.

Full Asset Support: Apart from OTC Bitcoin transactions, Bitci OTC service supports all currencies and digital currencies listed on the Bitci exchange. 24-hour service: Bitci OTC service provides 24/7 support to its users, excluding public holidays in America, Europe and Asia.

How Can I Use Bitci OTC Service?

1) Sign up

To buy and sell large amounts of cryptocurrencies, first become a member of Bitci.com and get your account approved, then send your OTC membership request to [email protected] and start the transaction process. In order to make high-volume transactions and become a client of Bitci OTC Service, you must get approval from the high-level verified registration section of Bitci Otc Service. Anyone wishing to become an OTC customer is required to submit documents proving proof of identity, residence and income.

3) Transaction confirmation

Bitci OTC service In case you request a price for buying or selling through live communication channels, you will receive instant feedback with price information. Your time to confirm the price given to you by Bitci OTC is 30 seconds. If you do not confirm the given price within 30 seconds, you must request it again. If you approve the price, the purchase or sale is completed at the price offered.

IMPORTANT: Before making a transaction from the OTC service, the Coin or Fiat (TRY) you are going to buy or sell must be ready in your account at Bitci.com. Bitci OTC members who do not have any Coins or Fiats in their account are not offered bids.

4) Transaction completion

In case of completion of buying or selling in Bitci OTC Service, the required amounts are transferred to the coin or TRY account on Bitci.com and you are informed via e-mail.

Bitci OTC Service Terms and Eligibility

Minimum Trade Value 500.000 TRY

Eligibility is subject to AML /KYC and other requirements.

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