What is Advanced Buy and Sell (Screen) and How to Use it?

What is it?

You can perform your buying and selling transactions with market, limit and stop limit orders on the advanced page.

For detailed information about order types, You can check our article named “What are Market, Limit and Stop Orders? 

On Advanced Trade;

It can easily perform your analysis with its advanced graphic display.

With the Trend Chart located under the Market Area, you can examine the trend rates of the market you selected in different time periods,

You can view the last transactions from the Buying and Selling History table,

You can instantly follow the pending orders in the order book from the Buy Orders and Sell Order tables

You can access My Open Buy Orders/My Open Sales Orders and My Transaction History section at the bottom of the page and check your pending and executed transactions.

How to use?

With the Quick Buy and Quick Sell options, you can trade at the market price as in the easy buy and sell screen. You can enter the transaction by typing the amount you will spend on buying or selling or the total you want to obtain.

With the limit option, you can enter the price and amount you set for buying or selling.

With the Stop Limit option, you can write your limit order price in the price section, the amount you want to buy or sell in the quantity section, and the trigger price of your order in the stop section.

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