What is Easy Buy & Sell (Screen) and How to Use?


You can only trade with a market order on the Easy Buy and Sell Screen.While your buy transactions made with a market order match the best sell order in the order book, your sell transactions are realized by matching the best buy order. For this reason, when you buy or sell a large amount, your unit buying/selling cost may vary depending on the depth of the order book.

For detailed information about order types, you can review our article titled "What are Market, Limit and Stop Orders?"

On Easy Buy & Sell Screen;

You can view all parities in the Market Area section,

You can perform your transactions from the Buying and Selling sections,

You can access the details (Balance, Profit/Loss, My Orders, Transaction History) from the section at the bottom of the page.

How to use?

You can select the crypto currency you want to buy or sell from the Market Area section on the left of the screen.


According to your market selection, write the balance amount (TL, CHFT, BTC or USD) you want to spend in the total box,

Click the Confirm Purchase Order button.


Type the amount of crypto money you want to sell in the total box,

Click the Confirm Sales Order button.

The amount of coins to be transferred to your account on the buying screen, the balance to be transferred to your account on the sales screen, and the commission amounts of your transactions on both screens are automatically calculated and indicated.

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