SNFT Token for Spain National Football Team supporters

Support the Spanish National Football Team and earn money by purchasing SNFT Tokens. You can buy Merchandise using the Spanish National Football Team SNFT Token.

Stand by your club and win with SNFT Token!

SNFT Token’ı ve Bitci Mobil App üzerinden satın alabilirsiniz. SNFT Token satın alarak hem Milli Takıma destek olacak, hem de kazanç elde edebileceksiniz.

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How to Buy SNFT Token?

You can purchase SNFT Token on and Bitci Mobile App in order to support the Spanish National Football Team.


Can be bought via Mobile App

Can be bought via Mobile App
Track Your Profit and Loss Easily with Mobile

Statistics that allow you to track profit and loss in trading transactions of SNFT Token, which is the first and only in the world; Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other crypto currency pairs,, are on the mobile application.

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Manage Your Crypto Coins from One Place with Mobile Wallet

With Mobile Wallet, you can control your SNFT Token and other cryptocurrencies in one place.

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Experience More With Your Mobile Mode Feature

On Mobile, you can perform your transactions quickly with stock market screens (Easy, Standard and Advanced) suitable for the use of investors of all levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the frequently asked questions about the SNFT Fan Token. You can contribute to the frequently asked questions section by contacting to get more information.

What is SNFT Token?

The SNFT Token is the Token that enables the supporters of the Spanish National Football Team to have more say and support for their team.

What Is The Difference From Other Fan Tokens?

SNFT Token allows fans who want to support the club to have more say with surveys and special content.

What is a token? What are the differences between tokens and coins?

A token is an asset / value / cryptocurrency on an existing blockchain. Tokens do not have their own blockchains, they are dependent on the block chain of an existing cryptocurrency. For example Chainlink (LINK) is a token because it works on the Ethereum blockchain. Coin, on the other hand, is an asset / value / crypto currency that has its own block chain and operates on its own blockchain. For example, Ethereum is a coin because it runs on its own blockchain.

Where can we get SNFT Token? Can we buy and sell in currencies other than Turkish Lira?

SNFT Token can be purchased with Turkish Lira, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcicoin on crypto money exchange and Bitci Mobile App.

How can we explain fan tokens to people who do not have information about cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are encrypted, a form of money that exists as digital information, a network. A cryptocurrency operating independently of any bank uses advanced mathematics to regulate the creation and transfer of capital between assets. A cryptocurrency is an icon in digital form designed to work as an exchange medium or as a record-keeping method. It uses cryptographic algorithms to secure and verify transactions on its network and to have the control, created by new tokens. First released as open source software in 2009, Bitcoin is the first decentralized and most popular cryptocurrency. More than 8 thousand altcoins have been created since the launch of Bitcoin. Altcoin concept is the general name given to all cryptocurrencies created after Bitcoin. Fan tokens, on the other hand, are service tokens created for fans and cryptocurrency users to invest and to provide financial support to their favorite team, acquire team products and participate in special surveys.

How will the club benefit from SNFT Token sales?

SNFT Token can be described as a utility token created to provide financial income to the Spanish National Football Team. You can use SNFT Token as an investment tool, buy special products for your club via Bitci Mobile App, benefit from campaigns and have a say about your club by participating in various surveys.

How can we get SNFT Token before it is on the Market?

The pre-offering of the SNFT Token will take place before it is opened to the exchange. After the completion of the offer, it will be on the market for transactions on exchange and Bitci Mobil App.

Is SNFT Token legal? Will we pay commissions or taxes when buying and selling?

Trading of the SNFT Token will be carried out through the crypto currency exchange and user accounts on the Bitci Mobil App. There are no sanctions or provisions that prevent token sales in our country.